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Miner Wants Molinaro to Clarify Support of Trump

Syracuse, N.Y., October 17, 2018 - Independent gubernatorial candidate Stephanie Miner is calling on the Republican Party’s gubernatorial nominee, Marc Molinaro, to clarify his support of President Donald J. Trump. Molinaro has denied voting for Trump in 2016, but he has evaded taking a stand on the president’s positions. Miner and her supporters want Molinaro to publicly explain what parts of the Trump agenda that he supports and which parts he would oppose in the governor’s mansion.

Miner is demanding that Molinaro takes public positions on five key parts of the Trump agenda that are particularly relevant to New Yorkers:

·       Does Molinaro support the President’s elimination of federal deductions for state and local taxes?

·       Does Molinaro support a woman’s right to choose and the Reproductive Health Act?

·       Does Molinaro support the President’s restrictive approach to immigration policy? 

·       Does Molinaro support the President’s selection of Supreme Court nominees? 

·       Does Molinaro support the President’s proposal to privately finance infrastructure projects?

·       Does Molinaro support the President’s refusal to support a new Hudson River transit tunnel?

“As the party’s titular head, Molinaro has a moral responsibility to speak up for those vulnerable New Yorkers who are being victimized by the President’s rhetoric,” Miner says. “We all have a responsibility to speak out against party leadership when they are wrong – just as I have spoken truth to power in regard to Andrew Cuomo’s behavior.”

Miner served the co-Chair of New York’s Democratic Party until 2014, when a New York Times op-ed that she penned criticized the Governor’s economic development spending at time when upstate communities were unable to fund basic services or to address pressing infrastructure needs.

Miner is running in the SAM (Serve America Movement) line.

Key Takeaways
  • New Yorkers deserve a governor who will stand up to harmful policies and rhetoric.
  • Miner asks several questions of the Republican candidate regarding key positions.
  • Miner will speak truth to power when necessary.
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