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Miner Calls for Apology from Cuomo Spokesperson

Syracuse, New York, August 22, 2018 - Stephanie Miner called on Andrew Cuomo’s campaign spokeswoman, Lis Smith, to apologize for two tweets she sent today demeaning Cynthia Nixon and a member of the capital press corps.

“Cuomo doesn't get it. He's courting women's votes, but allowing his staff to use misogynistic language,” Miner said. “Cuomo's spokespeople refer to women as ‘cutesy,’ ‘unqualified,’ and ‘irrelevant.’ Instead of discussing issues, they resort to gendered name-calling and attacks.”

Cuomo has not yet supported victims’ calls for hearings on sexual harassment legislation. The legislation was crafted by four men in a room, including Cuomo and Jeff Klein, who faces accusations of forcibly kissing a staffer. Cuomo told a female Albany reporter she was “doing a disservice to women” by asking about state sexual harassment policies.

“Cuomo should support women by agreeing to hearings on sexual harassment,” said Miner. “He should also set a new tone for his campaign, one that treats his female opponents, as well as journalists covering the race, with respect.” 

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The Twitter exchange is below:

Lis Smith:

.@andrewcuomo is fighting @realdonaldtrump tooth & nail on everything from family separations to health care and affirmative action. @cynthianixon is reading off a script at a cutesy presser. Which one of these two has the grit and toughness to stand up to Trump. #NotTheActress

Josefa Velasquez:

“Cutesy” vs. “fighting “ and “grit” Hello gendered language

Lis Smith:

Yeah and @cynthianixon’s comments about her high heels aren’t. As a woman in politics who has faced way more sexism than Cynthia and whoever you are, my advice to you is to learn that politics ain’t beanbag and that, to win, women can’t always play the role of victim.

Josefa Velasquez:

As for who I am, I'm a reporter who has covered the New York Capitol for five years, the only hispanic woman of the Capitol press corps. That's who I am.

Key Takeaways
  • Miner calls for apology from Lis Smith for disparaging tweets.
  • Cuomo and his team have shown pattern of juvenile attacks and minimizing women.
  • Cuomo should agree to sexual harassment hearings and set new tone for campaign.
Instead of discussing issues, they resort to gendered name-calling and attacks.
Stephanie MinerMiner Calls for Apology from Cuomo Spokesperson
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