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Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings Show Need for Hearings in Albany, Civil Discourse

New York, N.Y., September 28, 2018 - Christine Blasey Ford’s compelling testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee shows the need for the New York State to hold hearings on sexual harassment.

Andrew Cuomo refuses to support the Sexual Harassment Working Group’s call for legislative hearings. The group is made up of former state legislative staffers who experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or abuse.

“It’s imperative we listen to women impacted by sexual harassment and abuse,” said Stephanie Miner. “It’s hypocritical to support Ford, but not victims in New York State.”

The hearings also showed a need for a new way forward in our political discourse. Miner is running on the Serve America Movement (SAM) line. One of the party’s goals is to bridge divides and foster ties through constructive, evidence-based public discussion, free of insult or intimidation.

“Hyper-partisanship was on full display in the senate hearing,” said Miner. “The senate has an obligation to allow the FBI to conduct a full investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.”

Key Takeaways
  • Imperative we listen to victims of sexual harassment and abuse.
  • Cuomo refuses to support legislatve hearings on sexual harassment and abuse.
  • Hearings also show need for civil discourse.
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