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Cuomo Shows He's Out of Touch

New York, N.Y. - September 25, 2018 - More than one million people have left New York State since 2010. Andrew Cuomo blames the weather.

People are leaving their families and communities because New York State serves those in power, while ignoring the needs of real people. Both political parties are responsible.


-       Employment Upstate has grown by only 2.7% during Cuomo’s tenure, compared with 16% in NYC and 11% nationally.

-       If Upstate NY were a state, its job growth would rank 4th worst in the country, behind Mississippi.

-       47,500 net new jobs have been added Upstate during Cuomo’s tenure and 88% of them have been in low-wage sectors.

-       The W.E. Upjohn Institute found that NY’s tax incentives were the most expensive and second-least effective nationwide.

Low unemployment doesn’t tell the full story. In many Upstate communities, including Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, the workforce has shrunk.

“Cuomo is out of touch. If he talked to people who actually live in Upstate New York, he would know they’re seeing their neighbors and kids move away because of high taxes and lack of opportunity,” Stephanie Miner said.

Miner proposes eliminating wasteful economic development programs and investing in infrastructure. She will also advocate for a state takeover of Medicaid to relieve the property tax burden on homeowners and businesses.

Key Takeaways
  • Cuomo blamed Upstate weather for people leaving the state.
  • Comment ignores high taxes and lack of opportunity.
  • Miner would eliminate wasteful ecomonic development programs.
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