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All Schools Should Meet Basic Education Requirements

Syracuse, N.Y., October 15, 2018 - State education law requires that private schools provide a “substantially equivalent” education to that of public schools. However, in Andrew Cuomo’s New York, certain politically-connected schools have been given a pass. 

“School children shouldn’t be political pawns,” said Miner. “All schools should be required to meet basic standards. Period.”    

At the governor’s direction, this year's state budget effectively exempted certain private schools from the requirement that they provide a “substantially equivalent” education. It also took oversight away from local school districts, instead giving to the state education commissioner.

“Cuomo's cynical, transactional politics is dooming kids. When they grow up and realize they don’t know basic reading and math, they’ll ask how adults failed them,” Miner said.

Miner pledges to:

1.     Work to reinstate the “substantially equivalent” standard for schools, ensuring students learn subjects including English, math, science, history, geography.

2.     Direct the State Education Department to certify private schools on an annual basis to ensure they are meeting state standards.

3.     Make sure schools receiving state or local funding are subjected to state inspection at any time.

4.     Work to identify ways to assist school districts that have significant numbers of private school students who are competing with public school students for resources.

5.     Explore permitting school districts to establish district seats for school board.

Key Takeaways
  • No school should be allowed to subvert basic educational standards.
  • All private schools should be certified on an annual basis to ensure they are providing a "substantially equivalent" education.
  • "School children shouldn't be political pawns," Miner said.
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